Why work with us

Nobody’s perfect. Not us, not you. But we have our values, work ethic and the way we do things.
If you recognize and share our principles, we could be a good match. Long-term.

Inovation on repeat

First of all, we are enthusiasts who create software solutions and always strive for something new and something better. There are no bad ideas and - even though many of them won’t make it to the real world - we want to hear them all. So you better have some. We embrace the relentless developments in technology and insist on good UI and UX design.

Power to the users

Superius makes workdays of thousands of our users easier. We enable them to do things they couldn’t do before. They are mostly small entrepreneurs, but we partner with big players as well, like Vipnet and Simobil. If they’re happy, we’re happy. And so far they are.


We have great expectations of our products:
1. to work flawlessly on all platforms
2. to look good
3. to be effective
4. to go from a-few-bugs to no-bugs
5. to make us proud.
(Not necessarily in that order)

Team meets technology

Our team is small and intertwined. Everyone’s contribution is essential for the big picture. In line with our result-oriented company mindset, we use agile development (our version of Scrum), automated testing, continuous deployment and real-time system monitoring. With the best technology, services and tools available, including the use of Macs as our standard, we balance the thin line between careful planning and freedom in execution.

Growing strong

Although the atmosphere in Superius is warm and friendly, we work hard developing things. We grow new products, improve the existing ones (as well as our work process) and expand the worldwide business network.

We grow people to their full potential (encouraging all forms of education we even let our team members choose a Research day once a month when they spend the day researching a topic of their choice). We help our team grow by having open and honest relations full of mutual respect (team building trips not excluded). And that is how Superius grows.

Having a private life

Life is so much more than work, so we want to reach the right balance between the two for all our team members. The working hours are flexible and the BRB policy allows people to get private matters done during working hours when needed. Nobody is a fan of overtime, but when the time comes, everybody pulls their weight around here, and even then the Sundays are workfree and overtime is paid accordingly.

Work space is open, comfortable and inviting. We’d rather run out of electricity than coffee, so there is always plenty of coffee/tea, along with occasional seasonal fruit and lunch in the office. We also believe that humor improves productivity (although it hasn’t been scientifically proven YET). Our office is in Pula, a historical coastal city ideal for enjoying life and raising a family.

Work smarter and live better

In short, we want for our team members what we wish for our users - to work smarter and live better.
If you love technology and you like what you read here, join us and do what you love.

Contact us

Send us an e-mail or drop by if you’re close. We make great coffee.


Cirilometodske druzbe 1, 52100 Pula, Croatia